Riga Historical Music and dance festival 2017

2017.08.20, 15:00 St. Peter's Church

Early music ensemble "Chiaroscuro" (Lithuania)
• Rūta Vosyliūtė – soprano
• Ieva Baublytė – recorders, gothic harp
• Vilimas Norkūnas – harpsichord

Idyllic pastorales that invite audiences to sit beneath the shade of the trees, enticing you to listen to the calmly running stream, faun-songs and stories from the world of mythology, full of charm and melancholy. The sounds of the flute, vocals and harpsichord draw you in to take a pause together with the sleeping nymphs, and upon waking, to join in the joyous feast, to dance and be merry to a melodic tune.

Members of the Chiaroscuro ensemble will take listeners to a moving world of contrasts: here melancholy is entwined with clear nostalgia, bird-song with Baroque instrumental sounds, and innocent landscape scenes harbour tragically beautiful love stories. Listening to this pastorale one feels an intangible yet almost familiar scent of what heaven must be like.