2016 Vilimas Norkūnas grounded vocal ensemble “Ignis“. They appeared with program “Canones nonnulli“ at Grandukes Palace in Vilnius and made a concert tour in Italy (Venice, Roma). With extraordinary 6 voices motets from 1625 Nuremberg choir book, they performed a concert during Vilimas Norkunas lecture “Sounding Exhibits“ at National Museum. 2017 they performed a concert to commemorate 500 years of Reformation, commissioned by Goethe institut and M. Masvidius National Library, they gave a concert presenting ways, how the Songs (hymns) traveled through centuries from Gregorian Chant, Renaissance and Baroque Choral music, from Latin to German and Lithuanian languages. Containing choices from special exhibits of historical songbooks, presented in National Library.

2017 they took part in master classes of well known tenor Jan van Elsacker. At least, but not last, ensemble “Ignis” is also regular performing extraordinary programs in St. Ignatius church, Vilnius, for festivities of Liturgical year. 

Monta Martinsone (soprano)
Justina Orlovskyte (alto)
Povilas Vanžodis / Daniel Garcia (tenor)
Vilimas Norkūnas (artistic leader, basso)

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