Duo commovendo

We have moved, have been encouraged by musical similarities, they stirred us and pushed our projects.
We are the Duo Commovendo.

Vera Otasek – Baroque violin 
Vilimas Norkūnas – harpsichord and organ

Our musical work started with a summer meeting, which immediately resulted in a strong, common idea: to communicate emotions through music, to touch the audience’s heart and soul and sometimes also to challenge our listeners.
In the common joy for this idea, we merged more and more into a homogenous sound, consisting of musical gestures, phrases and melodies. It is our wish to bring back unknown and forgotten works of the baroque to concert halls and to share the music with the people around us.
We have already shown some successful projects in this direction. We have set ourselves the goal of looking behind the historical backdrops and thus always bringing a complete work of art to the podium. The musical cooperation with wonderful people, which we highly appreciate, has helped us a lot. We continue to work with artists like Michael Hell, Susanne Scholz, Sigiswald Kuijken, Vittorio Ghielmi and many others.
We were able to successfully implement our idea of the music mediation 2017 International St. Casimir Festival of Early Music in Vilnius. Under the motto “Le Monde fantastique” we acted together as artistic directors, musicians and teachers and brought wonderful music to many open ears.
We do not only share a common, unrelenting love for music but also a hearty friendship, which strengthens our musical expression more and more every day.

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