Vilimas Norkunas is a musician, working in Vilnius (Lithuania), who has a broad range of music experience and qualifications as a professional organist, conductor and harpsichord player. He is giving solo concerts and also performing with his Early music ensembles: “Duo commovendo”, “Chiaroscuro”, vocal ensemble “Ignis”.

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Vocal ensemble “Ignis“ appeared with program “Canones nonnulli“ at Grandukes Palace in Vilnius and made a concert tour in Italy. They presented other historical themes like 1625 Nuremberg choral book in “Sounding Exhibits”, “'500 years Reformation” and are well recognized from concert to liturgical performances in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania.

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Duo commovendo

The Duo Commovendo consists of two artists who, in face of their diversity, face the music with a common thought. Capable of moving and touching but also challenging their audience. It is on stage that the two musicians manage to melt the musical gestures, words and sounds into one single molding. The duo was founded with the idea of not only praising and communicating emotions through music but also moving (commovere lat. – to move, stir) the heart and soul of the audience.

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The name of Ensemble “Chiaroscuro” is related to a notion of chiaroscuro – strong feelings, deep emotions and contrasting moods were transmitted through light and darkness in all forms of Baroque art. Ieva Baublytė (recorders, gothic harp), Rūta Vosyliūtė (baroque singing) and Vilimas Norkūnas (harpsichord, organ).

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